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Through hard work and increasing success, you’ve gained clarity in your vision to build your brand. It’s now time to take the next step in building your legacy, your way, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.
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Laura Mather

Partner since 2015

“The culture at London Properties is like home, it's family, it's truly a sense of belonging.”
Only The Best

the competition.

London agents thrive in every market.
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We're Here to Help You Along the Way.

It’s true what they say, “You become who you surround yourself with” and as a London Partner, you surround yourself with the best. Everyday, your peers, your marketing team, your managers and coaches are here to collaborate with and to advance your business.

Joe Sciarrone

Partner since 2005

“The London Properties support that I have received since day one, has been immense.”
Your Brand. Your Marketing


The road that has lead to your success is unique – it has a narrative of its own and we want to help you tell it. With the right development, exposure and systems, there is not a single industry disrupter or outside force that can compete on your level.

Parminder Singh

Partner since 2007

“I've been with London Properties since 2007... and every year my business has grown.”
Rock Solid.

A Partner
You Can Trust.

Our real estate roots date back to 1967. Since then, London Properties has become the Central Valley’s largest and most historied, family-owned real estate brokerages. The success of our associates has also earned us the reputation as “the most trusted name in real estate;” it’s a reputation you can count on. Today, as a London Partner, our goal is to capitalize on our past by promoting your business and your future.

Debbie Henes

Partner since 1994

“The best part of London Properties is knowing that we have found home.”

A Family
Of Services.

To run a successful business, you not only need a guide, but you need a team, the right team. Our leaders, managers, and ancillary businesses provide the support, innovation, and guidance so you can focus on your most important assets, you and your clients.